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About the Artist


Martha has always felt a deep connection with nature. She spent much of her childhood in the forest, with her hands in the dirt. Memories of playing in the creek near her house and petting a deer in the woods still warm her heart. She always feels more at peace when she feels connected with another part of nature, be it a galaxy or a dandelion. That sense of oneness, gratitude and love is how she feels when she is creating art, or perhaps more accurately, when art is animating her.


In her early years, she was inspired by her grandmother, an accomplished artist who studied with Bob Ross. Her family encouraged her to follow her passion for art, which became apparent "from the moment she could hold a crayon," her father  often remarks. 


Growing up, she was fortunate to have a great teachers who took note of her talent and urged her to nurture it. She demonstrated a knack for winning art competitions, from weekly coloring contests in elementary school to state competitions in grade school. She pursued her passion for fine art until she moved to California and dove into computer design during the .com boom, later graduating with distinction with a BA in Advertising from the Art Institute of California – San Diego.


Martha’s professional work has spanned creative, strategic, and entrepreneurial roles in a wide range of domains. A design thinker at heart, she has always enjoyed the challenge of complex problem solving and deconstructing complicated concepts into easy to digest visuals. She helped produce ad campaigns and collateral for (the first online record label), revamped the quality assurance system and procurement strategy for a DOD aircraft program, and built and ran a multimedia department for a U.S. Government engineering contractor. More recently, Martin Co-Founded a global NGO, The Fourth Sector Group, dedicated to nurturing businesses that benefit people and the planet.


In 2008, Martha participated in over 30 art shows in the city, where she was featured inside and on the cover of local magazines as well as top local news stations for her "Heartbreak" series. 


After this series, Martha came to recognize the power a painting can have on the viewer. Aspiring to spread positivity and love, rather than sadness and heartbreak, she began cultivating a vision for a new series.


Her journey has drawn her to explorations of emerging scientific discoveries about plant intelligence, spirituality, philosophy, her heritage, the deep interconnectedness of global challenges, and humanity’s relationship with and impact upon nature. 

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