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Lady Rose is the first work, the seed, of what will become a growing exhibition of works by Martha Martin and other creators and explorers celebrating the interconnectedness of humanity and nature.

The inaugural exhibition is envisioned to explore multiple themes inspired by plants, trees, crystals, and fungi. Each theme will have sub-branches; the plants section, for example, will feature plants that nourish us with food, plants that heal us with their medicine, and plants that elevate our spirits with their intelligence and beauty.
Beyond showcasing works of art, the exhibition will also include educational and experiential elements, featuring scientific studies, live experiments, interaction with plants, documentaries, books, seminars, lectures, and more.
Just as nature branches out and becomes more complex over time, so will this exhibition. It will move to a different location each year, growing and evolving along the way. New works by Martha Martin will be added to the collection as it grows and branches, along with artwork created by children who participate in its educational program, ‘Seedlings’.


Martha may travel with the exhibit to select locations, working with locals and her team to develop new paintings on site as a resident artist, while studying the culture and history surrounding her subjects. 
With each passing season and year, the exhibition will grow and evolve, mirroring the creative emergence of nature. As it grows, it will be responsive to its ecosystem—the organisms and occurrences in its local surroundings and the broader world—unfolding with new revelations, extending in unexpected directions, and exploring and exposing the evolving relationship between humans and nature.
The exhibition will feature more than Martha’s artwork. It will further expand by adding curated works from sympathetic poets, scientists, philosophers, and other artists, working through a variety of media. 
Eventually, the exhibition could branch into multiple sites located around the world, forming a network of complementary exhibitions that comprise a larger whole.


The HumanNature Exhibition



A Growing Exhibition

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