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Plant-Water-Global & Universal Consciousness-Extended Version-Banned In Germany

This upload deals with the subject of consciousness pertaining to many aspects of life. Does all life share a connected consciousness? Specific focus is on the scientific research of plant consciousness, water consciousness, global and universal consciousness.

The first part is from a film called "The Secret Life Of Plants" in which plants are connected to scientific measurement devices to record and measure the electrical potential of plants. Are plants aware of and react to events that occur in the environment? The second part deals with the possibility that water is conscious and has memory, the connection between the water on earth and in the Milky Way Galaxy, Pythagoras music of the spheres, quantum entanglement, Dr. Masaru Emoto, water language and the Pleiadian connection. Is consciousness the programming language of the Universe?

The third part is on the research of Roger Nelson through the Global Consciousness Project. Data from random event generators that are placed around the planet to measure collective human emotions from major events show interesting results, particularly in response to the event of 911. Finally ending with thoughts from Bill Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Allan Watts, John Hagelin and Joe Dispenza.

"I should appreciate it very much if the memory of the great scientist George W. Carver would be honored ..."
~Albert Einstein

Plant-Water-Global & Universal Consciousness-Extended Version-Banned In Germany

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