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About The Mushroom Wizard NFT Collection

Over the next several months, as part of the HumanNature Series, artist Martha Martin is developing a digital Collection entitled “The Mushroom Wizard.”
This Collection aims to highlight some of the ways mushrooms can contribute to our lives, while also raising awareness and funds for nonprofit organizations and the development of the HumanNature Series.  
At first, The Mushroom Wizard will only be available in digital form on the blockchain, as NFTs. Then, based on the public’s response to the digital Collection, Martha will create a physical, hand-painted version of The Mushroom Wizard as part of the HumanNature Series, to be included in the upcoming exhibition. 
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How people are collecting, selling, propagating, and sharing their NFTs, as well as the media attention generated and funds raised for affiliated causes, will all be factors considered in choosing which digital Mushroom Wizard will be hand-painted and added to the physical collection.

What are NFTs?

According to Wikipedia, "A non-fungible token is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger. NFTs can be associated with easily-reproducible items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files as unique items, and use blockchain technology to give the NFT a public proof of ownership." 
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Why are People Buying NFT Artwork?

There are numerous reasons people are buying NFT art (here is a good list of 20), but in a nutshell, it’s an opportunity for people to buy and invest in art they like, in a hot, new, exciting, and growing market where their investment could increase exponentially, all while supporting the art, artist, and/or cause associated with it.
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What are the aims of The Mushroom Wizard Collection?

Mushrooms can help us solve some of humanity's toughest challenges - from preserving land, oceans, wildlife, and waterways, to finding solutions for waste and pollution.

The aim of the Mushroom Wizard Collection is to raise awareness and funding for nonprofits that are working on these issues and more.
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Mushroom Wizards Start as Spores...

NatGEO SporeBall-01.png
SUDO SporeBall-01.png
Ram Das SporeBall-01.png
Jewelry Sketches

Getting involved in The Mushroom Wizard Project

From climate action to human well-being, mushrooms have already made an incredible impact, yet there are seemingly endless ways they can assist in solving humanity's critical concerns moving forward, too.
What do you or your organization consider to be the most critical concerns and available solutions at this time?
Who/Where ought we nod in appreciation for the current wisdom we have surrounding fungi?
Sponsor a Mushroom Wizard
The Mushroom Wizard is an eclectic and fun-guy! From coffee mugs and tee-shirts, to rainforests and clean oceans - he can levitate, wear, or otherwise promote just about anything.
Martha will collaborate with sponsors to create interesting and unique variations of The Mushroom Wizard that promotes a particular cause, brand, or message.


Affiliate Your Cause with a Mushroom Wizard


Some Mushroom Wizards will be affiliated with a particular nonprofit, campaign or cause, or pay tribute to a person, event or the like.
These collaborative pieces will result in unique and themed Mushroom Wizard NFTs designed to raise awareness, and philanthropic funds for a particular organization or cause.
Each collaboration may result in a Series of unique images within The Mushroom Wizard Collection, or a single unique Mushroom Wizard (potentially with multiple editions).

Promote The Mushroom Wizard

Be part of the movement to promote the magical, healing power of fungi and plants by leveraging your network to draw attention to The Mushroom Wizard Collection, the causes promoted by it, or the HumanNature Series at large. 
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