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Creating a Prosperous Planet

"I think art has done something interesting regarding our thoughts and beliefs between the connection of humans and animals. For example, when you see sculptures or paintings of an animal in human form – like the famous series of dogs playing poker, a bird sporting a monocle, or even Greek, or other mythological art portraying human-animal figures or even gods ...something seems to happen, and we begin to afford them additional traits or characteristics that we may not otherwise do. 


We may see the animal portrayed as joyful, or in a hurry, or any set of feelings, intellect, and alike, that we might normally classify as ‘human’ characteristics. 


But animals having human traits isn't so far from our frame of belief or understanding. Anyone who has had pets has seen that they get happy for things, sad for things, anxious for things... We also tend to see characteristics within certain species, and even within particular breeds.


What this series aims to do is propose these same questions about "nature" - does it think, feel, or remember, ...does it have intelligence and is nature aware of us?  Is a rose a sentient creature? Are plants trying to communicate with us? Relative to ours, how would a giant redwood, water, or an amethyst experience time?

It excites me to be seeing much more thought and research surrounding these questions in recent years. My hope is that this series and body of work will increase the level of attention and understand to the topic, while proceeds generated benefit likeminded people, causes, research, institutions, and other artists.

Lastly, I hope this series and each piece in it will further educate myself and others about the deep history, culture, and wisdom surrounding these magnificent plants, and so many other beautiful pieces in and of Mother Nature."

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"...Additionally this series will push the boundaries of what we consider to be alive, invoke feelings of everything being connected, and fantasize about humans building a deep and personal feeling of connection and oneness with nature. I hope viewers can get a sense of personality from each piece in the same way one may have a sense of what an individual human-being may be like by viewing their portrait. Ultimately, blurring the lines between human and nature..."

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